Cheap Travelling Tips for Students Staying In Foreign Countries

Most students need to pursue their higher education in European countries, where in addition they get to explore some of the most picturesque landscapes and mesmerizing views of the places. Should you be studying in any of the stunning countries in the UK, and when you like travelling around, then this post will allow you to in saving money of travelling costs.

Book tickets early

As you might know, tickets which are booked early, that is about two or three months prior to the actual travelling dates, will definitely cost comparatively lesser than buying them during the departure. You could save a lot more than 50% on ticket fares by booking early.

astuces voyager pas cher with the student travelling groups

Also you can enrol yourself with communities just like the International Student Travel Groups or International Friends Travel Club, so as to enjoy numerous travelling benefits, and that too for cheaper prices.

Together with the best travelling experiences and highly subsidized trips, you’ll enjoy meeting many new people and making new friends. You’ll even get to participate in the guided trips that are organized by the institutional touring agencies.

Try not to be too picky about the available accommodations

Well, it can be difficult to find travel and accommodation options during the peak seasons. Many a times, you may even have to share your rooms with others travelling in your group. Therefore, you will have to be a bit flexible in terms of travelling with groups, but you’ll surely end up saving lots of money by doing so.

There might be a few occasions, where you might even have to share your accommodation facilities with total strangers. Such situations generally arise in the event that you stay at the house stays and even bed-and-breakfast facilities. However, ensure that you do the necessary research before opting in which to stay such places.


During your stay abroad, you might generally experience financial problems which can not allow you to go on long trips. If that is the case with you, you then must surely not lose out on exploring the city and the countryside.

A number of the top train services like the Virgin Trains UK offer tickets to students for much discounted prices. You could make full use of such train ticket offers and make your experience of staying aboard for your studies, even more enjoyable.

Check for the availability of the discount packages and student passes

Also, try to keep a check up on the availability of the seasonal promotions. That can be done so simply by subscribing for the newsletters at any of the reliable cheap fare finder websites. Many travelling companies offer cheaper travel fares for students. In some packages, in addition they include accommodation facilities.

There are many online ticket fare comparison websites that set of the ticket fares offered by multiple railways and bus providers. It saves you constantly and efforts of exploring various travel websites individually, because you can find the least expensive fare listings about the same window, for any given date, and for the destinations of your choice.

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