Why Is It A Great Idea for Breweries to Invest in Custom Wine Totes

The beer industry is a thriving industry. It is steadily increasing in the US and today there are over 8000 breweries. If you are part of the brewery industry, you’ll have to come up with innovative methods to stand out from the sea of competitors. Your key focus should be on creating brand awareness.

Establish brand identity:

You need customers to recognize your brand. You’ll have to give them a reason to choose your brand over others. Create a strong business presence using effective marketing strategy. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your presence felt. A good, cost-effective idea is to offer appealing packaging options for your beer.

Customized beer packaging:

Swapping your regular beer bags to reusable bags accompanied by right marketing strategy improves business sales in addition to establishing trust. Customized packaging with your brand logo helps people to connect with your brand better and spreads brand awareness. Opt for reusable, eco-friendly bags to hold your beer to create a socially-responsible brand image.

If you are looking for bulk high-quality printed reusable bags check out Custom Earth Promo’s online catalogue. They feature 100% recyclable bags that accommodate 1 to 6 bottles and have insulated ones to keep the beer cool on picnic days. Their expert designers would help you design a trendy and visually appealing bag. Place an order with them today.

How to effectively use your branded bags to attract customers?

Once you have got hold of the customized beer bags, make a plan that would help in boosting your brand image. Employ several marketing strategies including traditional email marketing informing your loyal customer list about new offers or any exciting news about your brand. Use your branded bags in the following ways:

  • Take part in beer festivals: Showcase you brand at beer festivals which is the meeting place of beer enthusiasts. There are several beer festivals organized all year round. Short-list a few depending on your budget, location, reputation of the festival and available resources. Stock your booth with beer merchandise like totes, koozies, mugs etc.
  • Introduce loyalty schemes: Use customized bags at checkouts where people can purchase them at a reasonable price. Offer free bags to those who purchase more than 4 bottles or to those who sign up for your beer club. Offer discounts for those who return to your store with your branded bag.
  • Social media marketing: Get people talking about your brand using social media marketing. Share updates about the new products, flaunt your totes and post stuff in a conversational way. If you are participating in a beer festival, include links to purchase tickets, post a time-lapse video of prepping up for the stall and mention stall number.
  • Freebies: Stock up some freebies like badges and stickers. Conduct pub trivia quizzes and prizes to the winners like free tours to your brewery, free wine totes, samples or special discounts.

Harness the power of promotional reusable bags. Keep things innovative and endorse your brand in a way different from your competitors.

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